Satelliittiantennikaapeli gold (135 dB), 4xsuojaus kulmalla 5m

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Satelliittiantennikaapeli gold (135 dB), 4xsuojaus kulmalla 5m
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ideal for high-resolution transmissions (HDTV, Full HD, Ultra HD (UHD/4K and higher)) for both digital SAT signals such as DVB-S and DVB-S2. Reliable connection between the wall/multimedia outlet and the receiving device, such as a TV/SAT receiver, cable modem, cable router etc.

  • inner conductor made of ultrapure OFC solid copper for optimal conductive and transmission properties, ensuring virtually loss-free signal routing
  • 4-layer, ultrathick shielding material (made of ultrathick 2-layer mesh and 2-layer film) with 135 dB shielding capability
  • the perfect balance of shielding and flexibility – the ideal shielding for ensuring perfect reception and disruption-free transmission
  • massive solid metal connector with gold-plated contacts – for optimal durability, stability and precision
  • wide, easy-grip metal caps for effortless, tool-free screwing
  • optimised bend protection and flexible cable sleeving prevent the maximum bending radius from being exceeded

Technical specifications

  • Connections
  • Connection, type F male 90°
  • Connection, housing material aluminum
  • Connection, contact material gold-plated
  • Connection 2, type F male 90°
  • Connection, shielding yes
  • Cable
  • Cable type coaxial cable
  • Dielectric diameter 5
  • Cable sheath diameter (approx.) 8 mm
  • Inner conductor material CU (copper)
  • inner conductor, core diameter 1.02
  • Material cable sheath PVC
  • Cable length 3 m
  • Number of shieldings 4 x
  • Type 1, shielding foil (aluminium)
  • Type 2, shielding braid (aluminium) 128x
  • Type 3, shielding foil (aluminium)
  • Type 4, shielding braid (aluminium) 128x
  • Kink protection both sides
  • Shielding efficiency 135 dB
  • Signal transmission
  • Impedance 75 Ω

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