Kingston HyperX FURY Black 16GB 2x8GB Kit DDR3 1600MHz DIMM CL10

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Kingston HyperX FURY Black 16GB 2x8GB Kit DDR3 1600MHz DIMM CL10
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Get in the game with HyperX® FURY. Even newbies get up to speed fast, since FURY automatically recognises its host platform and automatically overclocks to the highest frequency published – up to 1866MHz – providing plenty of power for your next deathmatch. Affordably priced, FURY’s asymmetric heat spreader design is available in black, blue, red and– for the first time in the HyperX line –white, with a black PCB. Please click on the relevant tabs below to view and download the marketing and sales tools available. Not sure which HyperX is right for you? Click here to get back to HyperX Family Home.

Kapasiteetti:  16 Gt : 2 x 8 Gt
Tyyppi:  DRAM
Tekniikka:  DDR3 SDRAM
Koko tai muoto:  DIMM 240-nastainen
Moduulin korkeus (tuumaa):  1.29
Nopeus:  1600 MHz ( PC3-12800 )
Saantiviiveet:  CL10 ( 10-10-10-30 )
Tiedon eheystarkistus:  Non-ECC
Ominaisuudet:  Black PCB, FURY assymmetrinen muistinjäähdytin , puskuroimaton
Moduulin kokoonpano:  1024 x 64
Jännite:  1.5 V
Liitinpinnoite:  Kulta
Yhteensopivat korttipaikat:  2 x muisti - DIMM 240-nastainen
Huolto ja tuki:  Rajoitettu elinaikainen takuu